With the ever-growing population, people are finding new places to live. However, there is also a need to save up space around us to accommodate more people. Apartments and condos do justice to this. You can save lots of space by accommodating yourself in an apartment or a condominium. Many people might look for apartments or condos for sale in their areas. For this, you first need to have a trustworthy and hard-working real estate agent to guide you. Buy & Sell with Asif assures you to provide all the necessary services in this regard with dedication. Moreover, with our reliable services, you can trust us for your dream home.

Back in the days when there was less population, more people could afford to buy a house. However, with time, less space is available for quite a large amount of population. Therefore, many people opt for condos at a nice location. With a mesmerizing view from your window, condos can be a great living place. We at Buy & Sell with Asif make sure that you get your condominium at your desired location. Moreover, we are passionate about our work, so you don’t need to worry about your space.

Buying or selling a house, apartment or condo is exhausting.  We believe that with the help of a dedicated and trustworthy agent, you can buy your dream place. This is why we are here for you! Moreover, we have years of experience in this field as well as countless satisfied clients who have approved our work.


Our reliable services include:
  We ensure that you stay updated regarding the sales and selling rates in your area.
  When it comes to selling your house, you must know the worth of your house. Therefore, we help you in setting the right price for your house which will benefit you.
  If you are looking to buy a new house for yourself, we offer you listing alerts. Moreover, we help you find the dream house at the perfect location for you.
  With our reliable mortgage payment method, Land transfer tax, and insurance calculators, you can rest assured of all the procedures.


With our exceptional services, we have satisfied customers all over Canada. We offer our services in: By contacting us, you can rest assured of your biggest investment without any doubt. We will ensure that you get what you dream for in an affordable range. Therefore, we educate you on all the processes before making a deal.


Whenever you are looking to buy a condo, look for the location first. At Buy & Sell with Asif, it is our responsibility to provide you with all the required information and data regarding the area you choose. We ensure that you buy your space at a very reasonable rate. Since the location of your living is very important as you have to go to work and perform the various tasks. Therefore, we make sure that you buy a living space that is near your work area.
When it comes to buying a condo, setting a budget is very important. This allows you to plan according to your requirements and expenditure. Therefore, you can always look up to us for consultation in this regard. We can help you with buying a perfect condo that fits your budget and save your money.
Moreover, we make sure that you get what you desire. With an affordable budget range, we offer countless housing spaces for you.
The financing of a condo is not the same as it is for a family house. Obtaining financing for condos might be tricky. You need to look for the condos that are approved by FHA.

We at Buy & Sell with Asif ensure that the building comes under the list of FHA. However, you need to check for financing methods that suit you. Whether you want to opt for loans or not, we make sure that the community and the loan methods are approved by FHA. No need to run for the FHA approval every day. Therefore, we make your work easy by doing authentic research and approval of the community.
Buying your first living space can be hectic. With all the listings, procedures, mortgages, insurance, and much more expenditures, is financially exhausting as well. However, we make sure that we do not charge any hidden charges from you. We thoroughly guide you on all the processes and fee charges. We do not charge any hidden paper fee or tax charges. All of our procedures are clear and authentic. Therefore, you can always count on us for buying your condo.

To buy an affordable, budget-friendly condominium at the desired location, you need to remember these tips. Moreover, with our help, you can find your dream house. We offer a wide range of services to our clients. In addition to this, our client testimonials are what make us stand out in the crowd. Buy & Sell with Asif is the solution to all your problems!
With more people trying to accommodate in a smaller space, apartments and condos are the best options for our modern living problems. Whatever your preference is, carefully consider all of your basic requirements. We know that buying your first condo can be exciting yet exhausting at the same time. Moreover, carry brief research on your own, on the market rates of condos. We will thoroughly guide you with all the steps and procedures. We make sure that our clients are guided with all the procedures and charges. Our passion is what makes our clients satisfied with our work. Moreover, if you want any help, we will always welcome you in this matter. However, for more information, visit our website anytime. We are just a call away!